The golden path to Scoundrelhood

Errol Flynn 11

How to become a Gentleman Scoundrel.

In brief-

You’ll need to be descended from a long line of nobility, and they should all have about them the whiff of scandal.

At least one of your ancestors must have been hanged, drawn and quartered, but preferably not within the last fifty years.

Likewise, at least one must be a pirate or an outlaw. It is advisable to have a female pirate or highwaywoman in your ancestry, women will be intrigued.

One of your ancestors must have a tea named after him. Preferably something so vile that when your guest is unable to swallow a single mouthful, you can mock their lack of taste.

Casually allude to the family manor house, attained by blackmailing royalty some centuries ago.

Always dress in finery, always mock the lives of everyone else, and always have a smirk on your face.

Above all, always win. And if you do lose, lose with a smirk, so that people will think it is all part of your grand plan. Act with superiority always. Got the gist? Good, let’s begin.