Disguise and impersonation, old fruit

Slip into a disguise and pass through crowds unseen

Slip into a disguise and pass through crowds unseen

Really, old chap?

You actually clicked ‘pon the disguise and makeup page?

With a face like yours I assumed you’d be an expert -unless you delight in frightening little childrenses. Good lord, with a beak like that, I’m surprised you’re not oft mistook for a vulture…

Right, well this is a tad embarrassing, old fork. I mean, you’re expecting me to be deucedly brilliant at slapping a false beard and schnozzer on the old phyzog, aren’t you? Expecting great reams on the fine art. Well, truth be told, I’ve always been so beastly proud of my scallywaggery and deviancy, I couldn’t stand the thought of some other sod getting the credit- and the notoriety. So I ran amuck bearing the fine features you see before you, naked before the world.

Having said that, you know me for an untruthful fellow, so expect a great many fibs about this theatrical art to grace this page soon. Over and out, old bean!


Can you spot the Gentleman Scoundrel in disguise? Endlessly inventive, our kind!

(image- public domain wikicommons)