About you…

Errol Flynn ship

Are you a wolf amongst sheep?

No? Then you’re probably looking for this website, http://www.toowoombaquiltersclub.org/, they need all the help they can get to prepare for the Carnival of Flowers.

Contrariwise, if your hands are still bloody from the last lion you slew, there’s hope for you yet.

Do you have the audacity, the charisma and the sheer nerve to do what others dare not?

Have you always stood apart, magnificent, adored, despised, aloof, arrogant, proud, a great spectacle of light and colour in a world of grey conformity?

Do you have a devil-may-care attitude, a winning smile, and the charisma of a god?

Jolly good! Welcome to the Gentleman Scoundrel. The disgraceful gentleman’s guide to life.

If you have the guts, liver, spleen, and thymus to live the live that so few dare, if you laugh in the face of danger when others scurry in fear, then there’s hope for you yet, old chap.

Life does not distribute her bounty equally.

Most men live on a few crumbs. A select few may have the world. But only if they dare.

This powerful tome will guide you through the ways, means, thoughts, and beliefs of the gentleman scoundrel.

You won’t merely learn what to say, what to wear, and how to act. You’ll be instructed in the belief systems and philosophies of the true scallywag.


(image -van Bree, Harem. public domain wikicommons)

You’ll live like a king, while others live like peasants.

Ugly? So was Cassanova. Poor? So was I, when I took great beauties from rich dipsticks. Fat? See Cassanova again.

You’ll succeed, like so many scoundrels have throughout history.

You’ll succeed, if you are that rare gent with enough nerve, because this is real. It really works.

So grab yourself a Scotch, no ice, just a few drops of water. A cigar and snuff if required, for a scoundrel always makes himself comfortable.

Read into the night. Absorb this powerful wisdom. Then go forth. Seduce, pillage and plunder this world. It is your birthright.

If you truly dare, the world is yours, old plum.

Now get to it!

GS Nelson public domain wikicommons

Men doing manly things. Give the bleeders hell, lads! Huzzah!

(image- Public Domain Wikicommons, old boy)


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