What is a gentleman scoundrel?

Errol Flynn 7

What is a Gentleman Scoundrel?

He’s the blighter with all the women, old chap.

An incorrigible scallywag. A rouge. A gambler. A swindler. A boozer, brawler, and womaniser.

You can find him in the bars of Monte Carlo, seducing a movie star’s girlfriend, while plotting to acquire her mother’s jewelry, and her vintage Rolls.

You can find him in the engine room of a freighter, cheating at cards with a bunch of cut-throats seated around an oil drum, regaling them with wild tales whilst relieving them of their booty.

You can find him hobnobbing with royalty, pretending to be an obscure European Count who is raising funds to start a shipping line. Once he’s fooled them into parting with their cash, he’ll disappear -usually with their youngest daughters.

Oliver Reed. A man of titillating indelicacies.

He’s a scoundrel who beds women by the hundreds -promising each woman the earth, before moving on to sleep with her younger sister. He defrauds rich old dowagers of their sovereigns, drinks dry entire tropical islands, brawls and staggers his way through life leaving a trail of broken hearts, destruction, and fond memories. He moves through life like a blazing comet -magnetic, magnificent, dangerous, seductive, debonair, and disreputable, the cunning bugger.

He’s the man women want and the man other men want to be.

He’s the ultimate villain -and he prospers mightily.

Now you are the lucky blighter who is about to find out how to become one.

You lucky sod!


(Don’t stop here, you bounder. Read on for further magnificence!)


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