A Scoundrel at School

Errol Flynn 5

A typical school day in the delightful company of a scoundrel.

Students are a motley lot, the dribble-smeared obese computer nerds, the black t-shirted metal types, the dreadlocked lefties (the typical GS will enrage them by casually mentioning his grand plans to become a tycoon in the harpoon-manufacturing industry), and the dull, grey future accountants.

One chap stands out, with his easy sense of style, sly quips, and James Dean cool: it’s the GS!

When the headmaster takes a class, the GS will ensure mayhem ensues -all the while appearing helpful, indeed disapproving of the miscreants who so unjustly bring such tribulation to such a fine institution of learning.

When the pretty female teacher comes in, and the whole class chants, “Good morning, Miss. X,” he’ll pause.

When they’ve finished, he’ll cheekily catch her eye and personally greet her, with a huge smirk on his face. She’ll smile tightly, and he’ll airily describe his weekend, when he went hang gliding or caving or something else nobody else thought of doing.

He’ll casually ask what she did, whilst taking off his jacket, or some other activity that distracts from the brief (and slightly uncomfortable to everyone else) silence. After a pause, she’ll give a brief answer, and he’ll smile and congratulate her, then immediately ask a schoolwork-related question, putting her at ease, and showing his social expertise.

She’ll catch his eye at end of class, and he’ll give a brief nod, as if he’d forgotten her existence until she reminded him. This won’t be his last interaction with her.

In three months’ time he’ll be reclining in her bed while she fixes him a drink. She’ll be naked, sweaty, and flushed. He’ll be grinning triumphantly.

This is the way of the GS.

He’s the ultimate villain -and he prospers mightily.