Month: October 2015

Are you a real man? This one question will reveal the answer

My good fellow, how many books hast thou in thy personal library?

The correct answer is either

a) close to a thousand


b) several thousand

Let us be quite clear, old goat:

We are talking about real books, about history, philosphy, literature, biography, autobiography, and even art and music, if your tastes run in that direction. And we mean books full of words, not pictures. And it is utterly essential that you have a good set of encyclopaedias, and you must use them regularly. I personally open at least half a dozen different volumes every day. I may read an entry for twenty seconds, or I may spend a few hours going from entry to entry to entry, following a historical or philosophical trail.

If you are not broadening your mind by absorbing the wisdom of others, every single day, then you are not a man. You are, in fact an oaf, and should be shot up the date with a punt gun.

If you do not have a library, you are not a real man. Period.

Now I’m off to peruse my encyclopaedias. I only read them for the articles, you know.


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